Our Expertise

Electrical Power Systems Management

Benchmark Technologies provides support for field equipment installed under warranty. This is done in the telecom power sector for clients in Uganda.

Site Surveys & Audit

Benchmark Technologies Limited carries out Technical Site Surveys (TSS) prior to implementation of different power upgrade projects and advice respective project managers on best course of action and relevant material request.

IoT Systems Integration

We possess expertise in field deployment of comprehensive IoT solutions tailored to the unique requirements of our clients.We excel in integrating a diverse range of sensors and devices to capture real time data from various sources.

Our team possesses strong capabilities in data acquisition and analysis to transform raw IoT data into meaningful insights to enable businesses make data-driven decisions.

IT Infrastructure Supply and Installation

As a trusted supplier,our procurement team ensures competitive pricing, timely delivery, and quality assurance for all the IT equipment we supply.

We ensure smooth and efficient installation of IT infrastructure components, including servers, networking equipment, security systems, storage devices, and software applications.

Remote Monitoring Systems Management

Benchmark Technologies is involved in the installing and on-ground support of maintenance teams for RMS (Remote Monitoring Systems).

This involves monitoring of integrated generators, monitoring of fuel in Fuel Tanks, monitoring of alarms on rectifier power systems and BMS (Battery Monitoring Systems) for Lithium Ion Batteries.

Traffic Signals Management

Benchmark Technologies operates a framework contract for traffic signals maintenance for The City Authority. This involves repair of traffic lights ensuring their uptime.
Support is provided to the city engineering team on power systems maintenance, upgrades, and providing solutions to minimize downtime in the event of power failures
Benchmark Technologies has also managed to install remote monitoring solutions for Traffic junctions to alert field teams on failures of junctions.


What we believe in

  • Adding value to our Client’s needs

  • Collective responsibility and Leadership

  • Professionalism and ethics

Our Key for Development

  • Timely delivery of deliverables

  • Trust and Confidence built with clients

  • Transparency and Teamwork